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Alison is looking and feeling fabulous since she lost 8 stone 4 lbs using her‘Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast! App.

Before she discovered the ‘Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast! App she had tried every diet under the sun and nothing had worked for her long-term. At her heaviest, she was wearing dress size 24 and weighed nearly 19 stone!

When she started her weight loss journey with us she found it difficult to walk up the stairs and now she is running ½ marathons with ease!

In Alison’s office birthdays always meant sharing in the cakes and chocolates that were being passed round to celebrate the occasion. Her favourites were the orange and strawberry creams and she would keep dipping into the box until there were none left!

It was October 2014 and Alison found herself weighing in at 18st 11 lb. Alison was desperate to lose weight and although she had tried loads of different diets she would always put back on any weight she lost.  At one low point, she even tried diet tablets! Sound familiar?  I know it does to me.

Sadly Alison became the butt of an office joke when a colleague commented that she shouldn’t jump into a swimming pool as all the water would jump out and was even the victim of a group of lads shouting ‘Oi! Fat a***!’ at her as she walked down the street.  She just wanted to hide away in shame.

Alison’s knees were painful when she walked and she struggled with her breathing when she climbed the stairs.  She also struggled to get in and out of the car. The final straw was when her sons told her how worried they were about her health.  She was consoling herself by eating ready meals, crisps, and cake and was getting fatter than ever.  She decided she just had to do something!

In desperation, Alison went to her doctor to ask for help to lose weight but all the doctor was able to offer her was a gym membership at half-price.  She explained that a gym membership wasn’t going to help her as she couldn’t move much due to the pain in her knees!  Sadly, that was the only help the doctor was able to offer her.  Even though she was obese, Alison didn’t qualify for Gastric Band Surgery on the NHS so she started to search on Google for Gastric Band Operations. She told us she was so desperate to lose weight and she knew that Gastric Band Surgery at a private hospital would cost thousands but she thought if she could find the right bariatric surgeon and hospital she would find the money somehow… that’s when she discovered the ‘Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast’ app by Sue Peckham and James Holmes.

‘I was skeptical and it sounded crazy but it was only a few £s, what did I have to lose’ she says.  From the minute she downloaded her app and started to read through the Guidelines that the programme is based around, she started to really think about how she ate.  She popped on her headphones and listened to her first hypnosis session.  Very quickly she noticed her eating habits started to change.  At first, she was eating the old ‘unhealthy’ food she always had done but she noticed she was eating much smaller portions of it and she was leaving more and more on her plate.  Gradually she noticed she stopped wanting to eat fried chicken or sausage and chips and was actually choosing to eat vegetables, fruit and healthier types of food and her portions were still much smaller than they had been before she started using her ‘Virtual Gastric Band- Lose Weight Fast!’ app.

Every night, when she went to bed she listened to the hypnosis sessions and although she never actually stayed awake to end something was working because at the end of her first week she had got rid of 4 lbs of fat!

Over the next months, even she had been very skeptical and didn’t really think it would work for her Alison noticed her portion sizes continued to reduce, she became naturally drawn to healthier food and best of all her energy levels increased drastically and her aches and pains reduced dramatically.

By mid-2015 she had lost 5 stone in weight and began to think about taking up running.  Her first goal was to complete the NHS Couch 25K Challenge.  She bought some trainers and set off at a slow jog at first.  Now she regularly runs 15-20 miles a week. In March 2016, she completed the Fleet Half Marathon! Quite an achievement for someone whose knees used to hurt so much she could barely walk some days.

Alison tells us, ‘I’m thrilled and proud of how far I have come.  With the help of the ‘Virtual Gastric Band- Lose Weight Fast!’ app and the support given completely free by the ‘Sue and James 12 Weeks to Wow Virtual Gastric Band Support Group on Facebook I have now achieved a total weight loss of 8st 4lbs and dropped seven dress sizes!  I weigh 10st 7lbs and my dress size is a brilliant size 10 to 12.

Everything has changed. I can buy clothes from any shop I like. I feel fitter and healthier than I ever believed I could be and I’m pain-free!  I used to crave chocolates and crisps and now those type of foods do not appeal to me at all.  In fact, I often crave cabbage or swede and yet before ‘Virtual Gastric Band- Lose Weight Fast!’ I would never eat anything if it green!

We are proud to say that Alison kindly agreed to become an ambassador for ‘Virtual Gastric Band- Lose Weight Fast!’ app and she has shared her success with the Mirror and on our social media platforms including our Facebook Page.

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