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Episode 11 – Trouble sleeping? Sue & James chat to Yogaia teacher Ozlem Dogan about how Yoga has helped her have a great nights sleep.

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Sue and James absolutely love Yogaia here. They both do at least one Yogaia a class a day as there are classes of so many different types, levels of ability and lengths of time that it’s possible to fit a class in wherever you are and even if you only have a few minutes to spare.

Many of our Facebook Group members tell us about how they not only lose weight but benefit from relaxation when they listen to the hypnosis sessions on their apps.  They often tell us how they are now getting a great nights sleep after years of suffering sleepless nights.  While chatting to Anu from Yogaia Yogaia one day recently Sue was explaining how members were reporting their improvements in sleep and relaxation and Anu mentioned, Ozlem Dogan, one of the yoga teachers on Yogaia.  Ozlem had suffered from chronic insomnia fro many years due to stress and anxiety.

During this podcast Sue and James chat to Ozlem and find out how she came to resolve her insomnia issues after discovering her love of yoga.  She had tried everything to get good nights sleep including Chines Herbal Medicine, acupuncture, essential oils and massage but nothing helped. Ozlem was getting desperate.  Then one day, on her way home from a therapy session she saw a yoga class.  She went in and signed up right there and then and from her very first class began to sleep much better at a night.

Ozlem told us that she knew immediately that yoga was going to help her and she made up her mind to become a yoga teacher herself; which she did 4 years later.Ozlem explains that practising yoga helps you to sleep because it calms your nervous system and helps to eliminate all the toxins from your body.  The deep breathing helps to calm your body and mind and as a result you become more relaxed.

During the time that Ozlem experienced her difficulties with sleeping she found that basic tasks became impossible.  She looked pale, had dark circles under her eyes and found it difficult to concentrate or motivate herself to do anything.  Eventually she even had to give up her job!

Research is now showing that mindfulness and yoga are really helpful in aiding relaxation, relieving stress and promoting restful sleep.  Ozlem particularly recommends Vinyasa Flow and the Gentle Stretch classes that she teaches on Yogaia. She says that even 10 or 15 minutes will help you.

Ozlem explains that not getting a good nights sleep can contribute to weight gain as well.  This is due to your appetite being up and down and snacking or binge eating during the night when you aren’t able to sleep.

If you have never done any yoga before then Ozlem recommends trying a restorative practice to get you started.  Something with slow gentle stretches will help you to calm your mind as you concentrate on the new poses that you are learning.

Sue and James asked Ozlem to share any other tips  in addition to yoga to help with insomnia and she suggests the following:

  • Soak in a warm bath with lavender oil.
  • Focus on your breathing.
  • Raise your legs up a wall while lying on your bed.  You will experience a calming effect as the blood rushes down your legs.
  • Relax in Childs Pose.
  • Get out in the fresh air for a walk during the day, even if you feeling really tired.

Since she found her love of yoga and began to sleep much better Ozlem has found other benefits including becoming more sociable and having tons of energy.

So if you want to get started with Yogaia for the first time just sign up at Yogaia Yohgaiausing your code ‘WOW12’.  When you sign up using your code you will receive a whole month membership to all classes completely FREE! Ozlem recommends starting with a level one class if you have never experienced yoga before.  Its just like having your own private teacher.  If you put your camera your teacher will be able to see you and give you help if you need it.  All the friendly team of yoga instructors at Yogaia are extremely experienced.  You can watch on your laptop, phone or TV screen so it’s very convenient whatever your lifestyle.

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