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Episode 10 – Sue & James answer members questions and try not to fall out with each other!

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We check in on our Facebook Group and our Facebook Page several times each and every day and we have noticed that the same questions come up for different members time and again.  In this podcast we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions that we have seen coming up recently for you.

The first question is a technical one about how to find our Udemy course once you’ve purchased it.  For some reason the course does not always show up in your ‘My Courses folder straight away.  What you need to do in this case is close your Udemy app and then re-open it and you will then find that your 12 Weeks To Wow course will appear in your ‘My Courses’ folder all ready for you to get started on your weight loss journey!

If after doing this you still can’t see your course in your folder then please reboot your phone and then re-open your Udemy app and that will sort it out for you.

The next question also relates to our Udemy course but this time it is about all the different prices that show up when you purchase your course from Udemy.  This is not controlled by 12 Weeks to Wow!’.  The most you should ever pay for our course is £20 so do not purchase it if you see it at a price of more that that.  We have a discount code available at the moment here  where you can purchase our course for £10 saving a massive 50% so get in quick before all the discounts are used up. You will also find a link to our discount codes on our Facebook Group and our Facebook Page  so you can click through on those links to purchase your course.  To find the links quickly just go to our Facebook Group and type ‘Udemy’ into the search box on that group and all posts with a link to our Udemy course will come up for you.

Next we have a question about some people not being able to purchase our individual tracks on iTunes.  All of our individual tracks are available so globally so we’re really not sure why this happens for some people. it is important to know that iTunes music and ITunes apps are not the same.  Our apps can all be found in the ‘App Store’ but our individual tracks all need to be purchased through iTunes music.

We have also been asked a similar question about how to get a copy of your 12 Weeks to Wow!’ Journal  if you are outside of the UK.  Again this should not be an issue as our journals are available worldwide but if you do have a problem they are always listed on eBay  for you so you will be fine to order on eBay if Amazon is a problem.

We are so excited about our brand new app ‘A Younger Looking You’ which has some wonderful smoothie and healthy recipe ideas from Rick Hay  as well as exercises and skin care advice from Ian Seagrave Chapman and Dawn Perrier-Baker who you will have heard us chatting to on previous podcasts. Listen to Ian’s podcast here and Dawn’s podcasts here  and here .  We have interviewed Rick many times on previous podcasts so be sure to tap the ‘Podcast’ link on the top of our Home Page and then just type ‘Rick Hay’ into the podcast search box to find them all.

Now to answer some members questions about their weight loss journeys.

“I’m feeling stressed, overtired and it’s the ‘wrong time of the month’ so I’ve fallen off the wagon big time!”.

Now this is a great example of ‘diet speak’ and catastrophic language.  Speaking to yourself in this way only serves to make you feel more helpless and out of control around food.  It simply isn’t true.  You can make a huge difference to your relationship with food by modifying your language, your inner self talk and by ‘taking the drama out of it’  so instead of  saying to yourself “I’m feeling stressed, overtired and it’s the ‘wrong time of the month’ so I’ve fallen off the wagon big time!” Change it to, ‘I’ve stopped concentrating on the guidelines so I haven’t been quite as in control as I was.  All I need to do is re-focus on the guidelines again and really concentrate on them for a while and I’ll soon be back on the road to weight loss success and achieving my goal of being slimmer and healthier.”

Start to relax more by reading a book or having a soak in the bath or taking some exercise when you are feeling stressed and you will soon replace your old habit of eating when you feel this way. Remember…Change your language and re-focus…You can do it!!

We have created the ‘Your Positive Mindfulness Coach’ app to help you to overcome negative thinking, self criticism, complaining and self limiting beliefs. Click here  to find it in the app store or here to find it in the Playstore.

Is your lacking in confidence, have low self esteem, little self belief and find that you self sabotage then why not give our ‘SELF’ app a try?  You will find the sessions include in this app will really help you to feel much better about yourself in just a short time.  Click here to find your ‘SELF’ app in the App Store or here  to find it in the Playstore.

Do you fall asleep when listening to your hypnosis session and wonder whether it will still be effective for you?  Please do not worry.  Your session will be effective even if you fall asleep and do not hear a single word that is said.  Your subconscious ‘hears’ all the time and will take on board everything that is of importance for you.  It is important to know that the hypnosis will not MAKE you follow the guidelines but it will  make it much easier to do so if that’s what you really WANT to do.  You must take responsibility for consciously following the guidelines yourself to change your habits until your subconscious takes over when your new habit is formed after practising consciously for a while.  How long that takes varies greatly for each individual.  The thing to remember is that the more effort you put in, the quicker you will see lasting weight loss results!

Are you someone who is ‘fine all week and then messes up at weekends?’  Once again this is a habit that is unfortunately re-enforced every time you follow and external diet.  With ‘12 Weeks to Wow!’ you look after yourself even more at weekends (or when you go one holiday).  Why oh why would you over eat and poison yourself with too much food or unhealthy food just because it’s the weekend.  You do not need to ‘save up’ calories, points, syns or any other measure of food so that you can gorge yourself at different times of the week or year.

If you have a problem you’d like our help with then please drop and email to info@12weekstowow.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.

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