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Episode 8 – Shanine shares the benefits of being able access to yoga classes 24/7 in the comfort of your own home with Yogaia

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Access to 24/7 Yoga classes in the comfort of your own home for only £15 click here

In today’s episode Sue and James chat to Shanine from Yogaia.comBoth Sue and James have been using Yogaia classes to improve their own yoga practice and it’s their number one ‘go to’ Yoga website.

Shanine teaches several different classes for YogaiaOne style that she includes is Ashtanga Yoga. This style is made up of a set sequence of poses that get your heart rate going. This has great benefits as it works with your breath.  It incorporates a way of breathing that keeps the heat within your body and when you practice it daily you will see great progression.

Another one of Shanine’s classes is Vinyasa Flow. This style of yoga is one where you can be a little more flexible about the sequence of your poses. One thing that a lot of people can find a challenge when they first start to practice yoga is co-coordinating their breathing and the poses.  Shanine tells us that the worst thing you can do is hold your breath.  She says that as long as you are breathing it’s fine.  Once you get better at your practice the breathing technique will follow and you will eventually ‘get it’.

Something Sue and James are particularly interested in is how yoga can help to keep you young in mind and body.

Yoga is a natural anti-ageing aid. Shanine explains that having a strong core is the key.  As you practice yoga more and more, your core strength improves and you really get to know your own body. There is a saying, ‘You’re as young as your spine is flexible’, and as Shanine explains, we do not always treat our spines well.  Our posture is often poor and there is even a new condition known as ‘Techs Neck’. We develop ‘Tech’s Neck’ because our heads are constantly tipped forward as we look at our laptops, mobile phones etc. This constant bending our heads forward makes our head heavy.  After all, our heads are the heaviest part of our bodies anyway and this constant tipping forward puts pressure on our necks, our shoulders and our spines.

Our spines house our central nervous system so this constant pressure on our necks and shoulders increases the pressure on our nerves.  Improving our posture can really help with this and yoga is great for helping us to improve our posture.  When you’re not in your yoga class you can still practice posture improving yoga techniques.  Shanine suggests sitting up straight with your legs uncrossed and ensuring that you are standing uprigh when queuing at the Post Office or the Supermarket checkout.

The mental benefits of yoga are huge.  Breathing deeply helps to calm your mind naturally.  It will help you to sleep better, feel less stressed and make better decisions. An hour or two of yoga per week can help immensely.

Shanine believes that you are never to old for yoga.   There is no age limit and you are never too old to start, even if you’re not naturally flexible.  She advises that you try as many different styles and yoga classes as you can to find the style and the teacher that suits you best.  The beauty of joining Yogaia is that you do it in the comfort of your own home.  You can join in with a live class if you wish and if you turn your web camera on, your instructor can see you.  This is great if you are put off from joining a regular class because you feel self conscious and not as good as the other class members.  Only your Yogaia teacher can see you and they will give you modifications if they see that you are finding a pose too difficult as well as lots of praise and encouragement.

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Yogaia’s website provides lots of really useful information and guidance. To find Shanine’s classes on Yogaia  just type her name into the ‘Search’ box on the Live Classes or Recordings Pages.