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Episode 7 – Vitamin D! Rick Hay chats to Sue & James about why this vitamin is so important to us, and why we probably aren’t getting enough of it!

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Today we are all about Vitamin D!  Continuing on along our journey of the A-Z of vitamins today Rick shares the low down on Vitamin D, where we can get it from and why we need it.

The good news is that recently released research shows that vitamin D not only helps with muscle development  and bone health but it can also help to potentially reduce the symptoms of colds and flu!  Vitamin D also helps with mood and cognition and there are studies going on at present which are showing that vitamin D has positive effects on depression and and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

The bad news is that we’re not getting enough of it!  The bottom line is that the sun helps the body to make vitamin D and we’re just not getting enough sun to make sufficient vitamin D for our bodies needs.

Some of our food contains some vitamin D, such as oily fish, cheese and eggs.  We also have some foods that have been fortified with vitamin D such as cereals and orange juice but we still don’t get nearly enough from our food alone.  Rick has been involved in research which showed that in order to get enough vitamin D from orange juice you would need to drink at least 6 glasses a day or from eggs you would need to eat a 10 egg omelette! Eating oily fish makes it easier to get 10 micro grams a day but you would need to eat oily fish every day to maintain it. We need more sunshine to make more of this essential vitamin to get sufficient to maintain our good health.

Rick explains that in the UK, between the months of September and April we simply do not have enough sunshine for our needs.  In the summer we cover up and slap on sunscreen so even then we don’t allow the sun to get to our bodies enough to make all the vitamin D we need. As Rick explains, it is not good for you to get burnt but 20 minutes of sunshine without sunscreen could be very beneficial, (not in the middle of the day in the height of summer, of course.  You just need to be sensible about it).

So what if a sunshine holiday or moving to Australia is not an option for you?  What can you do right now to start increasing your vitamin D intake? Well it’s good to know that your body can store vitamin D as it is fat soluble. The recommended daily amount we need as recommended by Public Health England is only 10 micro grams.  Rick tells us how this amount will stop us getting rickets but will not give us huge benefits beyond that.  He recommends that we should all be getting around 25 micro grams a day.

‘If you are deficient in vitamin D and can’t make it without the sun then it’s important to take supplements to ensure that you are the best you can be,’ says Rick.  Some mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D but only if they are grown in a certain way. In our podcast  Rick explains which ones are best.

To ensure that they are getting enough vitamin D Sue and James have both been taking extra vitamin D each day using Misol D3 sprays and both of them report feeling ‘happier’ as a result of using the sprays.  The benefit of using the sprays is that the vitamin D is absorbed through the cheek rather than the gut so more of the vitamin gets absorbed before passing out of the body.  If you would like to try the Misol sprays for yourself the makers of Misol sprays have offered a fabulous 15% discount for all our readers and podcast listeners.  Just click here for more information on how to order your D3  or here to order your B12 .

Vitamin supplements come in many forms.  Always look for a good quality supplement and remember to make sure you are getting enough fruit and veg as well as taking your supplements.  70- 80 % of the population are not even getting ‘5 a day’.  The benefits of making sure you get enough vitamins are huge!  Imagine not getting so many colds, not feeling so low, having more energy so that you feel motivated to go for a walk or take a dance class… the list goes on.

If you have any questions for Rick, Sue or James about vitamin D or anything of the other issues discussed in this podcast then please post them in the comments or email us at info@12weekstowow.co.uk and Rick will get back to you.