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Episode 5 – Rick Hay starts our alphabetical ‘vitamin journey’ with all things Vitamin A!

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Starting with Vitamin A, Sue, James and Rick set out on their journey from A – Z of vitamins and everything in between.  If you want to know the best sources of Vitamin and why you need it or if too many carrots will turn you orange then this is an episode not to be missed!

Find out which fruits and vegetables are the richest sources of vitamin A and how to make them into delicious soups and smoothies.

As usual, Rick gets into the flow and before you know it he has gone of track yet still comes up with a whole load of really useful stuff! This time it’s all about the benefits of thermo genic spices and how to introduce more of them into your everyday diet. Have you ever tried ‘Golden Milk’? Rick gives his recipe for this warm cup of comfort that will have you wondering why you hadn’t tried this delicious drink before.

Back on track and onto vitamin A again, Rick tells Sue and James about the latest healthy eating trend of ‘Sweet Potato Toast’, how to make it and what to top it with! Definitely one to liven up your breakfast table.  We’d love to know if you’ve tried it and what toppings you add.  Please share your recipes and photos on our Facebook Page

If you have any questions for Rick about vitamin A, thermo genic spices or indeed anything else discussed in this podcast then please post them in the comments or email us at info@hantshypno.co.uk and he’ll get right back to you.