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Episode 3 – Discover the secrets of Vitamin C with the amazing Rick Hay!


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Join Sue, James and Rick for todays show which gives you the low-down on all things Vitamin C (plus a few other gems thrown in for good measure).

Find out how Vitamin C can help keep you fit and healthy and also help with anti-ageing!  Let’s face it we’d all like to look and feel younger wouldn’t we?

Nutrition and Fitness expert Rick reveals how much Vitamin C we need for optimum health and and where to get it from, both naturally and in supplement form.

Got a cold or flu?  Rick shares his recipe for a comforting hot drink that will help you to increase your intake of vitamin C and get better quickly.

All of Rick’s recommendations and advice are based on ‘allowable claims’ and his extensive experience as a world renowned nutritional expert.

If you have any questions about anything we have discussed in this episode please email us at info@12weekstowow.co.uk

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