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Episode 9 – What is ‘Agaricus bisporus mushroom flour ‘ and why do you need it! Morris from Greens Organic talks mushrooms and sheds more light on easy ways to increase your Vitamin D intake.

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Following on from our popular podcast about vitamin D recently with the lovely Rick Hay we were so pleased to learn about another great source of vitamin D with Morris from Golden Greens Organics

If you have already listened to our previous podcast with Rick then you’ll be aware that we all need to increase our supply of vitamin D as we’re not getting enough of it from sunshine alone. (If you haven’t listened to it already then you’ll find it here

In this podcast Morris explains how Golden Greens offer the very best in organic supplements and how all their products are perfect for vegetarians and vegans.  As the best sources of vitamin D are sunlight and foods such as oily fish, eggs and some red meat most of us aren’t getting anywhere near the NHS recommended daily amount of 12 ius.   Most of foods need to be fortified with vitamin D and even then we do not get enough.  When foods are fortified with vitamin D it takes us away from being organic and there are arguments that synthetic vitamin D is not as good for us as organic sources of vitamin D.

Morris tells us that the NHS recommends that everyone should take a vitamin D supplement, even in the summer as we don’t get outside enough and when we do were usually covered in sunscreen.  If we have darker skin, or are from an Asian or African background then our darker skin prevents absorption of vitamin from sunlight too.

It is very difficult for vegans and vegetarians to get enough vitamin D from food sources but one of the best foods for vitamin D is the Agaricus bisporus mushroom. The good news is that latest product from Golden Greens is their Organic Vitamin D Complex which contains Agaricus bisporus mushroom flour so it’s perfect for vegans and vegetarians as well as for those of us who eat meat, fish and dairy products but just don’t get enough anyway.

Just one teaspoon of Organic Vitamin D Complexwill give you enough vitamin D for the whole day! If you are vegan or vegetarian then it’s a good idea to take vitamin D and vitamin K together.  Kale is a great source of vitamin K but, as Morris explains to Sue and James, as kale is 90% water so you would need to eat a very large amount of kale to reach your required amount of vitamin K. So now some more good news – Golden Green is also have their Organic Kale Powderand again all you need to take is teaspoonful per day.

Sue, James and Morris then went on to chat about the best way to cook food to preserve all the nutrients and Morris advises that microwaving is the best option.  When we cook our food using the traditional methods of water and heat a lot of the nutritional value is lost.

As with every guest Sue and James have on their shows, Morris shared some fascinating information.  This time it was about preparing and cooking rice.  Due to how it’s cultivated rice attracts 10-20 times more arsenic than other crops.  Morris advises that the best way to cook it is to soak the rice in water over night then drain it and rinse it thoroughly and then to cook it.  This process should remove about 80-90% of the arsenic in white rice.  Morris also says that algae such has chlorella and spirulina help to eliminate heavy metals that may be stored in our bodies.

Another popular supplement with Sue and James is Inulin and again they prefer Golden Greens Inulin Inulin is 93/93% fibre and fibre is thought to to help with prevention of heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, some cancers and improve digestive health.

If you have any questions for Rick, Sue or James about vitamin D or anything of the other issues discussed in this podcast then please post them in the comments or email us at info@12weekstowow.co.uk and Rick will get back to you.  Inulin also helps to get rid of visceral fat.   This is the type of fat that is stored around your organs and you would not even be aware of it unless you had an MRI scan.

When it comes to taking supplements Sue and James wanted to know what were the best foods and drinks to add them to.  Morris explains that it really is a matter of personal preference as many super foods have a vey strong taste.  For most supplements the quickest and easiest thing to do is mix them with water and drink them.  Sue and James often add theirs to smoothies and Morris says that’s fine.  If you have any other foods or drinks that you have found work well and taste good when you add supplements to them we’d love to hear from you.  Please share them with us in the comments below.

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If you have any questions for Morris, Sue or James about vitamin D or anything of the other issues discussed in this podcast then please post them in the comments or email us at info@12weekstowow.co.uk and we will get back to you.