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Article Source: The Centre for Mindful Eating

World Mindful Eating Month 2019
January is World Mindful Eating Month
Starting January 1st, we will share daily social media inspirational posts along with practical exercises that explore 2019’s theme of “Stepping into Mindful Eating.” These inspirations and practices were created by TCME members in the Stepping into Mindful Eating training led by TCME founder Megrette Fletcher, and current TCME board members Cuca Azinovic and Linn Thorstennson. Mindful Eating Month is a great way to revitalise a Mindful Eating practice within a supportive community, or introduce someone new to Mindful Eating.Save the date for International Mindful Eating Day: Thursday, January 24
International Mindful Eating Day will feature two sessions of interviews with leaders in the Mindful Eating community. Watch our website and your email for the day’s full schedule of activities.
There are many ways to participate: 
All events are free and open to everyone!

  • For daily updates and discussion, Join the Facebook group World Mindful Eating Month 2019.
  • Follow TCME on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram throughout the month of January.
  • Follow #MindfulEatingMonth, #MindfulEatingDay, #TCME, and #MindfulEating on Twitter and Instagram throughout the month of January.
The mission of The Center for Mindful Eating, also known as TCME, is to help people achieve a balanced, respectful, healthy, and joyful relationship with food and eating. By providing easily accessible, research-based information and opportunities to interact in community, we seek to train and encourage professionals and to educate the public about the practice of mindful eating.