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 I’ve been following the “12 Weeks to Wow!” way of life for nearly 3 years now, so a whole lot of “WOWs” along the way!

One of the things that has amazed me from day one is the impact on my confidence and attitude. Weight loss is wonderful don’t get me wrong, but feeling like you can go for anything and achieve it is priceless, all from an app that costs only £6.99! Most recently I’ve qualified as a beginners running coach via England Athletics and I am constantly amazed that I am able to say that. This is from the girl at school who got picked last for every sport (usually because she was hiding somewhere eating buckets of chocolate) but now I’ve decided that after all the help, love and support I got when losing weight and getting fit that I need to pay it forwards.

You might know that I work in the NHS in a very busy London Acute Trust, something I am proud to do every day. I am sure you can imagine how stressful it can be and having mindful eating and exercise in my armoury to cope with stress is something I can’t imagine being without.  Last year in a fit of inspiration I joined the Trust’s Health and Wellbeing team and volunteered to train so I could set up a beginners running group for staff.  I am conscious that even though I have lost a large amount of weight with 12w2w and kept it all off, I am no whippet thin runner and hoped being a regular person might encourage more people like me to get off their sofa and get out. Our running club launched 5 weeks ago and I have 14 in my first group. I am utterly overwhelmed with excitement and pride that they are all still with me at week 5 and last week in the midst of Storm Doris they all got out and completed almost two and a half miles of walk/running. I get lovely feedback each week from them and can see their confidence growing. Apart from one they are all women and most have never run before – it’s a privilege to be coaching them. I would never have had the confidence before I found this way of life.

For my own running, at the moment I am training for my first ultra marathon (I know I can hardly believe I am typing that!!). My colleague Karin and I are running the Isle of Wight, in one go, all 106 Kilometres! We are raising money for Macmillan services in our hospital and I’m excited and terrified in equal measure – I am listening to Sue’s “Improve your Running” track on the ‘Chill Pill App’ most nights at the moment to remind me that the impossible might just be possible!

Recently Sue and James asked me to help support them with a 12W2W meet up group in Bromley and I’m currently working on a location for that  (will be in April) – in my dreams I’d love to extend that to a 12W2W activity group but we might have to see if we have enough willing volunteers for that one.. anyone fancy it??