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12 Weeks to Wow

Article Source: Daily Mail

  • Mike Bennett, 34, weighed a whopping 21st 8lbs
  • Using a mobile phone app, he saw his weight plummet to 14st 9lbs
  • The delivery driver credits hypnosis with helping him shed the pounds

An overweight father has shed more than seven stone – and credits his impressive weight loss to a hypnosis app on his phone.

Mike Bennett, 34, tipped the scales at a whopping 21st 8lbs after gorging on an unhealthy diet packed with chocolate and crisps.

After becoming fed up with his weight, the delivery driver from Blackpool became determined to get in shape, and bought the app for his mobile.

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Father-of-two Mike Bennett weighed 21st 8lbs at his heaviest but has since shed seven stone

And, after using the programme – which features a daily 30-minute hypnosis audio recording for 12 weeks – Mike saw his weight plummet to a far healthier 14st 9lbs.

‘I knew I was well in excess of 21 stone and at my heaviest I was up to 21st 8lb. I didn’t want to go near the scales.

‘I downloaded the app and it totally changed the way I live my life.

‘I’d listen to the hypnosis audio, which last around 30 minutes, every night. I’d stick my headphones in and within 30 seconds I’d be asleep. 

Mike said:  'I feel so much more confident and I can play with my kids a lot more'
Mike decided to download the Easyloss hypnosis app after getting fed up with his weight
The father-of-two said he had 'given up' on weighing himself at his heaviest

‘I would wake up in the morning feeling really positive and knowing what I should and shouldn’t be doing – it’s amazing how the hypnosis has worked for me.

‘On top of that, the app would have lots of daily tips about eating and training. A lot of it seemed like common sense but it’s incredible how much it helps when you put it all together.’

Mike, who lives with wife Lindsey and daughters Grace, 10, and seven-year-old Megan, admitted his weight loss has helped him enjoy more time with his family.

He added: ‘I feel so much more confident and I can play with my kids a lot more now. We go down to the park to play football a lot and I enjoy running too which I never used to be able to do. 

Delivery driver Mike finds his job 'a lot easier' thanks to his impressive weight loss 

‘It’s really boosted my confidence and I find my job a lot easier to do because there’s a lot of lifting and walking involved.’ 

Sue Peckham, who created Easy Loss along with James Holmes, is delighted with the progress Mike, who is planning to run his first marathon next year, has made.

She said: ‘Mike has done so well with his weight loss. We’re over the moon to see how far he has come.’ 

She added: ‘He deserves every bit of the weight loss success he’s achieved with our programme.’

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Mike, who lives with wife Lindsey and daughters Grace, 10, and seven-year-old Megan, admits his weight loss has changed his life