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David has not only achieved fabulous weight loss success with 12 Weeks to Wow but his new found confidence has helped him to write and publish 2 fantastic novels which we thoroughly recommend as they are both great reads!  So now…Over to David…

A sedentary lifestyle leads to many things over and above the obvious such as lack of activity/exercise and weight gain. We have all done it, bored out of our skulls we reach for the biscuit tin, the cake tin or any sort of tin that has food in it. That thought of ‘Oh, a biscuit or two can’t hurt’ is your excuse for picking and grazing throughout the day and night but it can, and will, lead to a sugar addiction.

For those of you who have fallen into the dastardly trap set by sugary substances there is the SUGAR STOP CHALLENGE App, but of course that needs to be led by the desire to quit. No matter what your addiction or habit, the desire to stop must first and foremost come from you, then there are the tools to aid you in that decision.

I can hear you all now, “That’s easy for you to say.”

Like many of you, I have been there and done that, and used every excuse under the sun to accompany the emptying of the biscuit tin. For a start, why do you have a biscuit tin? Throw it out along with the cake tin, the cookie jar and the sweetie box. You don’t need them.

I have been quiet from the live Facebook chats with Sue and the blogs for most of this year and I can hear many of you saying, ‘Thanks goodness for that.’ The reason for my being missing is a long bout of ill health which led to cabin fever from not being able to get out much and of course, long periods of boredom. But you do not have to resort to eating your way out of boredom because it simply does not work. That quick hit of sugary substances neither satisfies the need to break the grind of being inactive and nor does it satisfy hunger pangs.

Find something that will occupy you, read and get lost in a good book, paint and colour in the world you are missing outside, knit or crochet – any art form is good for the soul, even if you are not very good at it. I found that new fad of colouring-in to be of great benefit, books of amazing patterns, or odd pages downloaded from the net, are a brilliant therapy to overcome boredom as you choose the colours to fill in the next fantasy and fantastic creature.

Back when I began my Twelve Weeks to Wow programme I soon lost five and a half stone. Every pound lost was a great achievement and my feeling of self-worth increased in direct relation to those pounds lost. Then the weight loss began to dry up, even though I felt I had another stone or two to lose. Complacency had set in and whereas for a few months I had maintained that weight loss, I did put half a stone back on. We have all been there, thinking the weight loss programme an easy ride. Then the realisation hits that you could undo all the good work of the previous months or even years and that would be tragic.

So, I went back to the app, listened carefully to Sue’s dulcet tones as she took me through the first steps once again. Got myself back in the right frame of mind and then I discovered an added bonus, I was getting something else from the 12 Weeks to Wow! programme , it helped me forget about my medical problems.

Each day I would get comfy in my favourite chair and listen to the App, each night when I climbed into bed I would listen to the App. Sue’s voice and wise words would send me to sleep where the App worked on my sub-conscious, that drifting off and thinking of nothing but the words coming into my head through the headphones meant I was less aware of the pains and aches of my disability, made me forget about the medical problems that had been bothering me.

In less than two weeks I had reversed the weight gain and lost that half stone gained, I then moved onto the second part of the App, another few pounds off and I will be ready for James to take over from Sue and refit my virtual gastric band.

I have no longer lost five and a half stone, that has been banked as a job well done. I decided to start afresh and with that in mind I have lost 10lb and am on my way to hitting my target loss of 3 stone. A fresh start and a fresh momentum. I have no longer lost just some weight, I have regained my self-esteem and thrown out that biscuit tin that was sitting empty and useless on the kitchen worktop.

Don’t let excuses such as being unwell, being disabled and being housebound divert you from your goals. We can all find excuses for not doing things, but that is what they are, just excuses and not valid reasons. There is only one reason for you not achieving your goals, and that is YOU. With the help of the Apps and just a little willpower from you and you can achieve anything. Don’t forget the golden rules…

Eat only when hungry, and stop when no longer hungry. Cakes and biscuits will not stop real hunger pangs, the chances are what you are really feeling is thirst, so drink some water.

Happy weight loss my fellow WOWers.


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