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Sue reveals this secret weight loss aid in our latest blog…and it’s FREE!

Did you know that there’s something out there that can help us all to lose weight and then maintain our weight loss no matter how overweight we are, or how old we are? It’s something that we can all access easily and best of all it’s free!! (Well almost).

This Miracle Weight Loss aid is drug free and not only will it help you to lose weight and maintain your weight loss, it will give you more energy, improve your skin and help you sleep better!

Have you guessed what it is yet?

Well if you haven’t I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer… It’s WATER! Yes you read that correctly, WATER. One of the very first things our 12 Weeks to Wow programme asks you to do is drink more water and of course you will have set your ‘Water Alerts’ feature on your app when you first started on your 12 Weeks to Wow weight loss journey.

We often get questions from our Facebook Support Group members asking for advice on what to drink instead of water as they ‘don’t like the taste of it’.

Now I have to say one of the best explanations for how to encourage yourself to drink more water came to us from our lovely GM, Jackie Stockdale.

James and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet up with Jackie for a cuppa and a chat and she shared her top tips for drinking more water with us. What she said made so much sense. I just felt that I should write this blog and share it with all our ‘Wowers’ as it really will make such a difference to you…as long as you do it of course!

So this is what Jackie told us…

From the start of her 12W2W weight loss journey Jackie followed the Guidelines in her Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast!app 100%. She knew that she needed to increase her water intake dramatically and she came up with this brilliant way of thinking about it to make sure that she made that happen.

From day 1 Jackie started to think of water as her ‘weight loss medicine’. She treated water as if it had been prescribed for her and she had to take it regularly and often throughout the day, just as she would if her doctor had prescribed it for her.

Now, James and I have come up with lots of tips and suggestions over the years to help our clients to drink more water but I have to say, Jackie’s tip was a complete ‘Game Changer’ for us! It’s so simple and it makes so much sense…I really wish I’d thought of it myself!!

Let’s think of it like this…

You’ve got symptoms and off you go to the doctor to ask for help. The doctor tells you exactly what actions you need to take to relieve your symptoms and prescribes you some medication too. Now let me ask you this… Would you leave the doctor’s surgery then choose not to take his advice or the medication and expect to get better quickly?

Of course not! You would do exactly what the doctor advised and you’d take the medication at the prescribed times. Even if it tasted horrid or you had to make adjustments in your day to take it at the correct times. You would take your medicine according to the prescribed instructions and it would not enter your head to look for as many excuses as possible not to take it.

So this is what Jackie did to ensure that she increased her water intake and stuck to her plan. She created her own prescription and dosage for her ‘medicine’ (water).

She took 2 small glasses first thing each morning when she got out of bed and then 2 more small glasses at regular intervals throughout each day.

Jackie made use of her ‘Water Alerts’ feature on her app to remind her when it was time to ‘take her medicine’ and she just did it! Exactly as she would have done if she was taking medicine prescribed by her doctor.

It would be worth a bit of effort on your part to take medicine even if you didn’t really like the taste, if it was going to make you well and healthy again wouldn’t it? Surely it has to be worth making this little bit of effort to drink your water when you think of it like that!

So to sum up…

Water is your new weight loss medicine. It will really help you to get rid of your ‘symptoms’ of being overweight, all you need to do is make sure that you take it regularly. SIMPLE!

We’d love you to share your tips and tricks for drinking more water. Please share them with us in the comments below.

You can read more about Jackie’s brilliant weight loss success story using her ‘Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast! App here Enjoy your weight loss journey with us!

Sue and James ’12 Weeks to Wow Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast! App is also available for Android devices here.