Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for Men

AS SEEN on CNN, BBC, Daily Mail, Daily Star, Metro and Daily Express… the American, British (and Australian!) WEIGHT LOSS PHENOMENON – now in a top-selling APP specifically for Men!

Adapted from the hugely successful Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – Lose Weight Fast! App to be completely focused Men’s weight loss

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for Men

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“40lbs lost today…since sept 3rd!” – Steve

“105kg – 83kg today and still going!” – Caleb

“first weigh in – 6lb gone and I am a happy chappy” – David

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App Features:

4 Unique Sessions of Relaxing Hypnotherapy

Food Photo Diary (Track your daily meals)

Water Alerts (Track your daily water intake)

FREE Facebook Support Group – join HUNDREDS of other successful users online

Discover how easy it is to change your eating habits successfully and permanently. Become the slim, fit healthy person you long to be, without the expense, risks or discomfort of surgery or having to join local slimming clubs where you are the only guy in the group.

The 12 WEEKS TO WOW Virtual Gastric Band Surgery for Men Programme is a step-by-step hypnotherapy program that guides you to successful weight loss like never before. No starvation diet, no calorie counting, just a natural way of eating that helps you lose all your unwanted fat safely and steadily.

DISCLAIMER: This application is intended to inform you and enhance your general knowledge in respect of weight loss, and should never be used as a substitute for medical care or advice. You must always seek medical advice for medical conditions and health issues.

If you decide to apply any of the information in this application you are taking full responsibility for your actions. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect, punitive, special, incidental or any consequential damages that arise as a direct or indirect result of applying any part of this material which is provided in this application for educational purposes only and is without warranties.

Steady Weight Loss using hypnosis

The weight loss you’ll achieve with the Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band Surgery Programme is steady, sustainable and healthy. You can expect to lose between 1 and 3 pounds per week on average. Medical studies have shown that this level of weight loss doesn’t affect the body’s metabolic rate, so there’s no artificial weight loss where the body burns muscle instead of fat.

That’s when we hear of someone losing a massive amount of weight in a short period of time, then putting it all back on…and more. This is usually a mixture of water and muscle loss caused by losing the weight too quickly plus extra eating when you’ve finished whatever diet you tried last.

We all know how easy it is for one biscuit to lead to another don’t we? Now there is a way to not only lose the weight at the right rate for your body but also to have the ability to permanently change your relationship with food. You will happily be able to work out what’s a real physical hunger rather than an emotional hunger, boredom, anxiety, frustration etc. as well as learning how to deal with those feelings without turning to food.

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